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Newcastle fan after watching his team lose from 2-0 up at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Man City fans at Anfield yesterday 

“All the way to Kiev, to end up in defeat, crying in the stands, battered in the streets, Ramos injured Salah, victims of it all, Sterling won the double, and the scousers won f**k all!”

Decent banter from a Birmingham fan who threw a cabbage when they scored their first goal on Saturday.

Nottingham Forest fans were being charged £6.50 for these “cheesy chips” at Middlesbrough. Wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Derby freekick at Old Trafford last night with a County fan celebrating in the home end.

A young Everton fans note to his parents before he left for Arsenal on Sunday.


Class display from Dutch side Vitesse as their fans pay tribute to those that fought in the battle of Arnhem 74 years ago👏

When you go to the football with your missus and spend the whole 90 explaining the offside rule 😂

Werder Bremen protest over early kickoffs for TV coverage laat night 👏

The home of AS Monaco 😍

How this shop displays beer in Germany is class! 🍺

Sources from inside the new White Hart Lane…

“I’ve not worked on a site like that in a long, long time. There were people off their heads, drinking cans first thing in the morning before going on to site and snorting coke in the toilets.”

Borussia Dortmund at Club Brugge. 

1,600 Bristol City fans at West Brom. 

Credit to the Swansea fans who made the long trip to Stoke on a cold and rainy Tuesday night. 

A Leeds fans girlfriend wasn’t happy with him staying out to celebrate another victory last night. 

Aston Villa fans enjoying the concourse at Blackburn.

‪Great picture of the West Ham fans celebrating at Everton.

Leeds fan walking into a pillar on his way to Millwall.

Man City fan Ben Kielty asked Benjamin Mendy if he’d have a picture with his 3 year old son. Not only did Mendy oblige, he also invited the pair to watch the match with him and sorted them out with food & drinks. 👏

When Leeds fans arrived in London for on their way to the Den.

Cardiff lads on their way to Chelsea. 

55 years ago today, George Best made his Manchester United debut. The rest is history.

Watford and Huddersfield have agreed these away ticket prices for all games this season… Adults £25, £5 for 18 and under & £12.50 for students and over 65s 👏

Well done to both club and the rest of the Premier League needs to follow.

Adebayor running the whole length of the pitch to celebrate in-front of the Arsenal fans 9 years ago on Wednesday.

The international break.

2,600 Wales fans made the trip to Denmark on Sunday, however their team couldn’t deliver as they did against the Irish on Friday. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Fair play to the 150 Sutton United fans, who travelled to see their ‘European debut’ in the Scottish Challenge Cup against Airdrieonians on Saturday.

Just the 844-mile round trip and rewarded with a 1-0 win! 

You have to feel for the 1,800 Bradford fans at Blackpool. 2-0 up with 6 minutes to go and they ended up losing 3-2. 

An England fan asked his mate to do him a favour and print out his ticket for Wembley on Saturday.

On the 8th September in 1888, the first ever Football League matches took place.

130 years ago, these were the 12 founding members. 👇🏻

Leicester fans in Madrid for the Champions League.

Leicester fans in Madrid for the Champions League.

“Free beer” on the train in Spain…

Gathering in the square early afternoon…

Scenes in the square as Spanish police moved in on Foxes supporters…

The aftermath of being hit by a Spanish policeman’s cosh…

Foxes in the ground during a controversial 1-0 defeat… – The home website of everything Football Away Days.

Latest clips from Football Away Days.

Latest clips from Football Away Days.

Celtic fans during their 4-0 victory at Inverness singing about Scott Sinclair. “When he runs down the wing he is fast as lightning, it’s frightening and he makes all the boys sing…

Chelsea fans mocking “Bubbles” away at West Ham: “And like West Ham they fade and die, Tottenham always running, Arsenal running too, we’re the Chelsea boot-boys and we’re running after you!”

A Lincoln coach passing a Grimsby fan on his way down to Orient on Saturday…

Leeds fan upside down in a bin at Fulham…

Chelsea fans at West Ham on Monday, “Who’s that team they call the Chelsea?”…

Birmingham City fans convinced their mate he needed his passport to get into Wales for Cardiff away on Saturday…

Bristol Rovers fans on the way to Oxford ripping their mate, who sadly doesn’t go to the football anymore because he has a bird…

Finally, Crystal Palace fan bombing into the canal before victory at WBA away…

ONE WEEK TODAY, GERMANY V ENGLAND… – The home website of everything Football Away Days!