Chelsea fans ambushed by thugs wearing balaclavas in Ukraine.

Chelsea fans ambushed in Ukraine.

Approximately 30 innocent Chelsea supporters have been attacked, prior to their Champions League fixture in Kiev.

It has been reported that balaclava-clad thugs punched Blues fans to the ground, which shockingly included elderly supporters.


The ambush took place last night, as Chelsea fans left the above bar near the city’s central Independence Square. One fan anonymously said: “It was orchestrated. Five guys turned up at the pub and sussed us out. One was texting at the bar and they were obviously lying in wait to have a dig”.

Chelsea sold an impressive 1,100 tickets for tonight’s match and it’s awful to see this sort of thing keep happening to British supporters in Europe. We wish the West Londoners a safe night ahead and hope they all get back to the UK safely.

Author: FAD

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  1. Been getting reports of this from fans tonight , I’m sure if it was Chelsea fans causing problems Ie Paris it would be all over the tabloids

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  2. whent their last year with 1500 plus everton fans had no problems ,was their for 3 days no trouble anywhere.

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    • We was in that bar before the Toffees played them last year no trouble at all bar staff brilliant great bar

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  3. went there with liverpool no probs great time its them plastic flags enjoy the rest of your trip

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    • Don’t think a Liverpool fan should be digging out any clubs behaviour in europe especially chelsea. 30 years later still awaiting our apology.

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      • you won the full members cup what you moaning about 90 trips abroad with the reds lad seen it all you take it and get on with it !

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  4. They deserve that beating the cockney digs!!

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  5. Good

    Chelsea racist scum getting what the deserve

    As for the thick Chelsea racist asking Liverpool fans for an apology over heysel. Liverpool fans where rightly jailed unlike the Chelsea racists n France

    Your clubs racist

    Your fans are racist and your captains a racist

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    • What so elderly helpless supporters being punched to the ground is ‘getting what they deserve’ mate you’re real hard aren’t you..

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  6. Just like those squashed scousers got what they deserved then? Liverpool fans are a plague. Robbing the dead, stealing tickets off kids in Athens. Pure scum.

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    • Agree with Neil, Liverpool fans have a history of murder. The lowest of all football fans. Murderers! In Belgium you killed some fans!

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