Man City fans seemingly unprovoked attacked by Spanish police.

A disappointing Champions League exit for Man City fans.

Man City fans “invisible man” on the beers… (The true and correct origin of the song is due to a City fan from the Prestwich & Whitefield supporters branch who died on a trip to Amsterdam in the early 90s. The branch, led by City fan Don Price sung this song about their friend in their local pub, The Forresters Arms. The full version goes “if you’re drunk you will die if you don’t drink you will die so it’s better to be drunk than be sober when you die…just like the fans of the invisible man…we’re not really here.” The song then took off on a pre-season trip to Ireland in 1996 and was sung firstly at away games then at home games since that time, source: Wikipedia)


Plenty of blue in the Madrid sunshine early afternoon…


City scarves across the square, where up to 10,000 fans made the trip from Manchester…


We’re not really here flag…


Pep Guardiola will not take over until next season, however City fans already have a new song for him…

3,900 Man City fans inside the Bernabeu…

3900 man city fans inside the bernabeu

Shocking scenes as Spanish police attack a couple of City fans… – The home website of everything football away days.

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