Weekend’s Top 10 Away Attendances in England & Scotland.

Weekend’s Top 10 Away Attendances in England & Scotland.

Birmingham City took the biggest following this weekend, with 3,905 fans at Craven Cottage.

#1 Birmingham City at Fulham: 3,905

#2 Leeds at Huddersfield: 3,831

#3 Watford at Leicetser: 3,300

#4 Sheff Wednesday at Charlton: 3,075

man city
#5 Man City at Villa: 3,000

#6 Spurs at Arsenal: 3,000

#7 Chelsea at Stoke: 2,900


#8 Everton at West Ham: 2,900

#9 Palace at Liverpool: 2,850

#10 Boro at Hull: 2,600

Video: BCFC fans singing “Keep Right On”, following their 5-2 victory at Craven Cottage.

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  1. Proper Fans been doing that for years highs lows Millwall,Yeovil , Chelsea ,Torquay. Everywhere imagine if we had investment you would all be bolloxed BCFC SOTV

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    • We took 6000 for a Wednesday night. Most away games we can’t get enough tickets. Super Leeds

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  2. Imagine if you could get a home crowd utv sotc

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    • Imagine if you could get three points KRO SOTV

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      • Imagine you playing man city Man U etc not Blackpool and Fulham utv sotchttps://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1623196474608549&id=100007546360262

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        • Blackpool are in League 1 now… HTH

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        • How many shots on target did you manage at the FA Cup final? Only one WM team has won silverware this century.

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      • Imagine if you could have been in the top flight for twenty three years like us

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        • Imagine if you’d won something in the last 20 years. KRO SOTV

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          • Won a lot more tan you dumbo

          • The irony of you calling somebody dumbo when you can’t even spell the word “than”. You stupid little viler!

    • Imagine if you had more than 3 songs hahaha

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      • Imagine if you had a home crowd of more than fifteen thousand

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  3. No trophies this Milennium…Maybe you should make a banner about that, massive club like you lot should be winning the champions league at least a couple of times in that period… Garden OUT

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  4. At least we’ve won a cup inHD

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  5. Birmingham has arguably more potential than any club in England.

    It’s bad luck with owners, yo-yoing up and down the leagues and the Sky Sports stealing potential new supporters.

    Our city has a population of a million people. So how are clubs in much smaller cities and large towns getting higher attendances? You do the maths!

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  6. Imagine having fewer points than a couple of triangles KRO SOTV BCFC1875

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    • Imagine us having more points soon don’t be jealous of our top flight status and your shit standstill in championship

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